The Best Wooden Watches of 2017: Who Wooden’s Top 10 Wooden Watches

Wood watches have become high in demand this year and with the sudden increase in popularity and new brands arising quickly, finding the Best Wooden Watches of 2017 becomes a difficult task. But not for us, we have tried, tested, and reviewed the best wood watches for men and women available today. Our wooden watch experts have tested every good wood watch from koa to bamboo and all the best wood watch brands including WeWood and Jord wood watches. Each and every wooden watch has been worn for extensive periods of time and reviewed by all of our team members to ensure that you get the best quality wood watches from the best wooden watch brands because you want quality, who wouldn’t.

How to choose from the Best Wooden Watches?

When selecting a wooden watch from our Best Wooden Watches their are 4 key factors that you should pay attention to that will help you successfully make your final decision. Theses are the Type of Wood, Pros, Cons, and Cost which you can find analyzed in detail for you in our reviews below for each of our top 10 selected wooden watches. We have sorted our top selected wood watches by the top rated watches for each individual wooden watch brand. Koa, Bamboo, Cork and Walnut are the most trusted wood types when making wooden watches, so these are the wood types we went with. We also found the best prices for the best wooden watches so that you can get the best prices for the watches you want with one simple click.

Types of wood watches


Cork Wood Watches

Cork wood watches are extremely comfortable, light weight and inexpensive, which makes this style of wood good for a first time or casual wearer. It wont cost you much but it wont last you as long as some of the stronger woods either.

Bamboo Wood Watches

Bamboo is one of the earths most strongest and resilient plants making this type of wood perfect for someone who’s more likely to accidentally bash their watch against things because of their active lifestyle. Bamboo wood is also a symbol of luck and power in some parts of the world.

Koa Wood Watch

Koa is a sacred wood used for centuries in the Hawaiian culture. Koa, sometimes referred to as Acacia Koa, is mainly known for and widely considered to be the most beautiful and useful of all Hawaii’s native hardwoods. It’s fairly resilient to almost all types of environments.

Maple Wood Watches

Maple is affordable and ultra-durable. It can take a beating and look great for years. Because it takes dark stains well, maple is often stained to mimic a pricier wood, like cherry or mahogany, but is a pricer wood in general itself.

Pros of our Best Wooden Watches

If you have allergies to certain metals than a wooden watch is a rash-free stylish wooden piece you can add to your sensitive and beautiful looking wrists without the worry. This means that most, if not all, of our watches are free from preservatives, dye, alcohol, or nickel derivatives. Wooden watches are the best because of how light they are compared to your typical metal watch and its this feather light style that makes wearing one feel like it isn’t even there. You do not need to polish your wooden watches as you would with furniture as they tend to become more polished over time from natural wear, making them shiner. The wood color also compliments your skin tones very well becomes more beautiful with age, so please wear yours as often as you can.

Cons of our Best Wooden Watches

Wooden watches are generally not waterproof, although they are splash proof, as they are made out of wood and as with any fine piece of wood, getting it wet will cause it to expand and warp, crack, or bend. Just don’t go deep see diving with your wooden watch and you should be fine. Generally, the wood fully recovers when dry. You must also take better care of a wood watch then you would your typical metal watch but doing so simply involves applying some oils to crevices, such as olive oil, once every so often to protect and clean the watch bands from dirt build up.

Best Wooden Watch Reviews 2017


Nixon Wood Watch Review: NIXON MEN’S ROTOLOG WATCH

Personally, I loved this watch! As a prior owner of Nixon watches i was always a fan of their quality but with their new wooden Nixon watches they have really stepped up their game. I cant even count the amount of times people have randomly asked me about this watch while on flights, at the gym, or randomly in a store. The Nixon Rotolog Watch is made out of real walnut wood, is built to last, and is a steal at $250.


Ideal for minimalists. Built with sleek and stylish elements. Prepare to receive compliments on your wrist watch in larger quantities routinely with your Komono Winston gold and wood watch. When things get overcomplicated, Komono makes it simpler. Looks great on the wrist at a reasonable price, click here to find it cheaper on amazon

Vestal Wood Watch Review: VESTAL WOOD ANALOG WATCH

This time piece is very masculine and classic. An analog watch with a round shaped mineral display window and wooden band with a stainless steel deployable push-button clasp. This watch looks pristine with its well placed dials, although pricey, its for a deserving gentlemen and we found the best price on amazon.


Light weight and highly recommended. No picture does this nearly 100% all wood watch justice. The craftsmanship is out of this world, a big head turner, making the best thing about this watch being how good it looks on your wrist. Unique, hard to find, great for any outdoors person or anyone hypoallergenic, comes in a box, with a 2 year warranty and you can click here to buy it now.

Original Grain Wood Watch Review: ORIGINAL GRAIN ROSEWOOD WATCH

Make a statement from across the room. 100% all natural rosewood and genuine sapphire crystal glass which means its fully scratch resistant. The cross of colors beautifully compliment the rest of the watch and the matte black finish on the bands makes this one of our top choices for visual appeal. If you need a reliable, scratch proof, water proof watch that makes a statement and at the very best price, get it here


Feather light all natural wood with dual analog movement. Clean elegant face with two programmable times and made out of juniper wood. Although it looks expensive because of how sharp it looks, it is not expensive at all, and it comes with a 2 year warranty. Take home a watch that instatntly compliments any wrist and we found you a discount on amazon


Eco-friendly sustainable wooden casing. Everything about the Earth Wood watch is high-quality, its non-glare scratch-resistant mineral crystal display is flawless and logo engraved back along with the crown protector are perfect. There’s is no chance you can justify not purchasing this wooden watch as it comes at a suprisingly low price, click here to get the best price.



The novelty of this watch never wears away. Each watch has its own unique and beautiful wood grain, ready to be gifted with gift box included, Miyota Movement with up to 5 year battery life, Un-painted Polished Wood Grain Finish, One Size Fits All Adjustable Band. This watch is straight up awesome as every watch is its own unique piece at an extreme low and affordable price here


A colorful birdie perches atop the bamboo dial of this neat little wood watch. An eco-conscious watch crafted from biodegradable materials with protective mineral crystal dial window. This cool little watch comes in multiple colors and is made to last longer than the other wooden watches. The cheap price point for this watch of under $50 makes this watch well worth its price point, may be a little bit cheaper here.


Each watch is uniquely made by hand out of solid sandalwood. Lightweight, hypoallergenic, and the most stylish way to be friendly to the enviroment. No part of this watch is made by machine, every part of it down to its glow in the dark functions have been hand made and tested. Also priced really well at under $75 makes this watch a steal, get the price at a steal here.