Best Wooden Phone Cases 2015: Top 10 Wood iPhone Case Reviews

best-wood-phone-case-who-wooden-phone-case--reviews-2015-featured-image-template-200x300---wood---phone-cases2015Shopping on the internet can be difficult at times without a salesperson to help you along the way. Looking for a wooden iPhone case on the internet can be like finding a needle in a haystack. There are about 3 billion (yes, we counted them) different wood phone cases available on the internet, and you’re only one person! It would take multiple lifetimes to check them all out.

You have a life to live – places to go and people to see. Luckily, the team at Who Wooden has neither of those things, so we have decided to help you out. Introducing our Top 10 Wood iPhone Case Reviews, where we discuss what we believe to be the best wood phone cases in 2015.

Best Wood iPhone Cases:

Best Wood Cases for iPhone 5

Handmade Bamboo Case Cover with free screen protector

This slick little case is made from real bamboo wood. As such, it’s lightweight but still provides the protection that you are going to want from a phone case. This is a two piece model that snaps into place around the phone, for a seamless fit.

Carved Wood Clear Case

We were incredibly impressed by the craftsmanship of these cases. They come in 15 (yes you read that correctly) different styles. Our personal favorites are the puzzle piece and olive ash designs, so be sure to check those out. The price is a slightly above average, but we really believe that the cost is well worth it for the product you get.

High Impact Hybrid Wood Case Combo

If you live a wild lifestyle, and you’re looking for a heavy duty case to protect your iPhone 5, look no further. This case will basically turn your phone into a solid block of wood. And if you ask us, that is freaking awesome. Oh, and the price is great, too!

VWTECH Handmade Bamboo Shockproof Case

Another product that gives you plenty of different styles to choose from. In fact, there are so many cool options that we couldn’t even decide which we like best, so be sure to browse through them yourself. We can tell you that they are well made, providing a snug fit that will protect your phone.

RioRand Handmade Natural Wooden Case

The team of scientists working at Who Wooden assures us that the racing stripe on this case will make your phone go faster. That doesn’t sound right to us, but we don’t know enough about science to dispute it. Regardless, this case is an absolute beaut!


Best Wood Cases for iPhone 4

Geometric White Arrow on Wood

This is a really cool, unique design for a phone case. The white arrows on the wooden base really pop. If you are looking for a slimmer case that will still protect your phone, this is the way to go.

SunSmart Handmade Natural Bamboo Cover

This is a great little collection of cases. There are nine different cases to choose from, with various unique patterns. Call us crazy, but we are really feeling the color stripe case. This is a two piece case that snaps onto your phone to provide a great fit, and maximum protection.

Tree Bamboo Case

An image of a tree on a case made out of wood. Think about it, it’s like getting a tattoo of a human on yourself. Mind blown? Okay, maybe that wasn’t exactly profound. At the end of the day, this is a sweet looking slim fit case that you are going to love.

Red Rosewood Mobile Phone Protective Shell

The vibrant color of this rosewood phone cover is simply soothing to look at. We love the simple, clean lines on this case. If you are looking for something low key and classy, this is your case. Just don’t drop your phone on a hardwood floor because you may never see it again.

LERBO Wood Grain with Silicone Hybrid Case

We figured it would be poignant to include a choice on our list for a heavy duty iPhone 4 case. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this silicone / polycarbonate wood grain case from LERBO. We love the contrast of the silicone and wood grain surfaces, and it’s available in five different colors. You might as well buy them all, because this case is cost effective!

If you were feeling in the dark about buying a wooden case, we hope that this list will show you the light! We’ve done our best to bring to you the best wood iPhone 4 cases, as well as the best wood iPhone 5 cases. Now the decision is up to you! If you require further assistance, or just want to give us some feedback, please feel free to email us ( Who Wooden? Who wouldn’t!

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