Best Wood Rings for Sale: 2015 Top Wooden Ring Reviews


best-wood-rings-who-wooden-rings-reviews-2015-featured-image-template-200x300---wood---rings-2015Today we are going to look at the best wood rings for sale on the planet! Maybe you’ve already decided to buy a wood ring for yourself or a loved one, but where do you start? There are many different styles of wood ring to choose from, so we’re going to help narrow down the field for you. Whether you are looking for a wooden engagement / wedding ring, or just a wooden ring to wear casually, we are going to help point you in the right direction!


To narrow your search, we have broken this article up into three sections. We will highlight for you the best wooden engagement rings, the best wooden wedding rings, and the best casual wear wood rings.  But first, we will start with an overview of some different types of wood.

Types of Wood

First off, we would like to give you a brief overview of the different types of wood that are commonly used for rings. You are going to see these pretty frequently, so we figured this will be useful in your search.


By far the most popular material used in wooden rings. Wood from the Koa tree is sought after for many different applications, such as canoes, bodyboards, and instruments like guitars and ukuleles.


Mahogany is not wood from one specific tree, but a group of trees that all share a reddish brown color. Mahogany is not nearly as popular as Koa for use in rings, but it bears an aesthetically pleasing dark, rich color.</p>

Zebra Wood

Zebra wood is also not an overly common choice for rings, but it does offer a unique look that may appeal to you. Zebra wood gets its name from the distinct zebra like pattern that the wood grain produces.

Wooden Engagement Rings


Marble Wood Ring – Matching Set of Two

We love this set of superb rings, for him and for her! Tell the world that you have found your soul mate with these matching pieces made from an exquisite combination of wood and titanium.  

Titanium Engagement Ring with Real Hawaiian Koa Rosewood Inlay

This ring is made from real Hawaiian Koa wood, and set in solid titanium. Our favorite thing about this piece is how the finish almost gives the wood an amber-like appearance. This is a high quality ring at a great price!  

Unisex Black Tungsten Carbide Ring with Hawaiian KOA Wood Inlay

For our third and final wood engagement ring, we are going back to koa wood. We love the harmony of dark tungsten and Hawaiian koa wood, which produces a very slick, mysterious feel. This is a great ring at a fantastic price.

Wooden Wedding Rings

Honduras Rosewood Ring

One of the things we like most about this beautiful piece is that it’s made from a non-traditional hardwood. The medium colour of the wood contrasts beautifully with its own dark veins to produce an elegant ring at a reasonable price.

14K Gold Wedding Band w/ Bocote Wood inlay & 3 Diamond Setting (by Alamea)

This opulent ring is definitely one of the finest wood inlay wedding bands that we have come across. This a truly breathtaking piece, which is best suited to those looking for a ring that employs a fusion of modern and classic elements.  

Meteorite And Petrified Wood Ring With Titanium Wedding Band

This wedding band is made with petrified wood, giving it a unique timeless appearance. This stunning piece is set in titanium and real meteorite to create a brilliant ring that will serve as the perfect symbol of your eternal union.

Casual Wear Wood Rings

Women’s Wood Ring with Vintage Green Silhouette Cameo


This ring is a standout piece that will have all of your friends asking where they got it. This piece has a definite vintage feel to it that we are really digging. It is handcrafted with the finest materials so you can be sure it will be in your collection for many years to come.  

Simulated Wood Insert Tungsten Beveled Edge Ring


This ring is made from a combination of tungsten and simulated wood, to give you a great looking piece that can be worn on any occasion. Whether you are dressing up for a night on the town, or simply wearing it day to day, you are going to love this wooden ring.  

Dark Sono Wood Ring with Large Raised Stainless Steel Striped Inlay

We figured that this piece simply had to make our list based on its unique appearance. This ring is made from sono wood, which bears a slight purple hue. The stainless steel stripes that traverse the front of the ring really give it a one of a kind look that will really display your originality.  

So there are our thoughts on the best wooden rings for sale on the planet. Whether you are looking for something for the special someone in your life, or just wanting to look fantastic on a day to day basis, we hope that these product reviews will help. If you need more help on finding the right product, or simply want to share your thoughts on wood rings, send us an email ( Who Wooden? Who wouldn’t!