Best Wood Earbuds 2015: Top 10 Wooden Earbuds Reviews

best-wood-earbuds-who-wooden-article-featured-image-200x300-wood-earbuds-2015-2Finding quality earbuds that fit snug in the ears, look great, and deliver crisp quality sound has become our mission over the past couple months and we’re happy to finally present you with our Top Rated and Best Wood Earbuds of 2015. Not only do wooden earbuds feel great when you put them in but their visual appeal is captivating to those who have never seen a pair before. I still get asked about my pair of wooden earphones everywhere I go and I especially love the coolness factor that these wooden earphones deliver –  but come on you guys, its not all about being super cool, is it? What really blew me away was the genuinely pristine sounds that had exited the earbuds and entered into my ears, it was in this moment that my body finally understood what it meant to be captivated by my music, as every drum, strum, and percussion instrument embodied my soul. It was this first experience that drew me closer into a wooden lifestyle and as we have reviewed the best wooden earbuds available today, I am hopeful that our journey through this review will draw you a little closer as well. Who Wooden? Who wouldn’t!

What are wooden earbuds?

Wooden earbuds, also referred to as wooden in-ear headphones, are growing in popularity and this rising trend can be pinpointed to how great wooden earbuds look and the sound quality they produce. If your an audiophile like myself, then you know what it takes to make the magic happen and wooden earphones come in a wide variety of brand, types of wood, quality, and costs. It’s these four factors that we focused on during our review process. Wooden earphones can be made from a variety of woods, but to make the right choice I feel like you should first have an understating of the difference between the different types woods most commonly used to make the best wooden earbuds.

Types of Wood Earbuds

Cherry Wood Earbuds

Cherry wood earbuds are extremely comfortable, light weight and inexpensive, which makes this style of wood good for a first time or casual wearer. It wont cost you much but you still get a great look and feel from this uniformly straight grain hardwood.

Bamboo Wood Earbuds

Bamboo is one of the earths most strongest and resilient plants making this type of wood perfect for someone who’s more likely to accidentally damage their earbuds due to an active lifestyle. Bamboo wood is also a symbol of luck and power in some parts of the world.

Koa Wood Earbuds

Koa is a sacred wood used for centuries in the Hawaiian culture. Koa, sometimes referred to as Acacia Koa, is mainly known for and widely considered to be the most beautiful and useful of all Hawaii’s native hardwoods. It’s fairly resilient to almost all types of environments.

Maple Wood Earbuds

Maple is affordable and ultra-durable. It can take a beating and look great for years. Because it takes dark stains well, maple is often stained to mimic a pricier wood, like cherry or mahogany, but is a pricer wood in general itself.


Wooden earbuds are an Eco-Friendly option that deliver sound the way nature intended it and there is no substitute to the sound that real wood offers acoustically. Aesthetically, wood earbuds are visually stunning and the colors from the woods used naturally compliment your skin tone giving you a minimal, but welcomed, boost in sex appeal. Wooden earphones also have a subtle wood scent that will remind you of the peacefulness felt in the outdoors, away from it all, not only that but they’re easy to maintain as they naturally polish themselves. Finally, most manufacturers will replant a tree when a pair of wooden earbuds are bought, this way you are not only positively affecting the environment but you’ve got crisp sounding tunes and looking good while your at it.

Cons of Best Wood Earbuds

Wooden earbuds can become cracked or warped over time as would happen naturally with any piece of wood. This means that you should avoid getting your pair of wooden earphones wet as they may expand, which is what happens to all wood when soaked with water, and as a result they may become damaged. Although this is very rare as wood generally returns to its normal form when it dries up and as most wooden earbuds these days have extra layers of special coating to prevent this from happening. Also termites could get into your headphones and eat all that fine wood until nothings left, so yeah, please avoid termites at all costs.

Best Wood Earbuds Reviews of 2015


JVC Wood Earbuds Review: JVC KENWOOD In-Ear Headphones HA-FX850

Do you want the very Best Wooden Earbuds ever created? Let us introduce you to JVC’s KENWOOD In-Ear Headphones which live up to the highest standards you could set. They deliver the clearest sound, at the highest volumes, with the loudest bass. Comparing any of the other earbuds to these would be like comparing book shelf speakers to floor standing speakers! These are so magnificent in sound they are exactly like having headphones on without the bulkiness of them. These JVC wooden earbuds are top of the line cleanly designed masterpieces with a massive improvment in their ability to deliver BASS compared to anything else you have tried, we garauntee it. Although a little bit pricier than the other earbuds, there in nothing that comes close to the level of quality delivered through a range of advanced enhancements that have been carefully and precisely calculated for these beautiful tiny Eco-friendly wooden earbuds to become a reality. Get it at the best price, get it here.


The Marley wooden earbuds come packing a powerful punch of bass, are lengthy and tangle free. FSC wood covers the rear and a strip of aluminum in the front gives these wooden earbuds a nice clean look. The braided cables are known for how durable they are and the rasta colors are perfect for jamming out to some Bob Marley tunes. Comes with a pouch, changeable tips, and 3 button controller.The music will get you higher as these are easily affordable at a very low price.


Woodtones Wood Earbuds Review: GRIFFIN 605884-WTMS WOODTONES W/ CONTROLLER MIC

It’s true that real wood and audio go great together and these Griffin wooden earbuds deliver a sound you’ll never want to turn down. Sapele wood housings enhance voice and bass frequencies without coloring. Each pair is a unique one-of-a-kind artifact made from real beech wood, with unique wood grain and color. With the added moving coil neodymium magnet these are well within budget at the best price.



These wooden earbuds will blow you away as you instantly feel an upgrade in sound quality compared to any other in ear headphones you’ve ever tried. The packaging is top-notch and thinksound uses mainly recycled cardboards and minimal plastic. The accessories are of high quality, everything comes in a neat little pouch, with 4 different sized tips, and the best part is these sleek babies are tangle free. All in all, the sound quality is absolutley superb, unheard of, some may say. I recommend these wooden earbuds as strongly as i can.

Woodees Wood Earbuds Review: Woodees IESW101B In-Ear Earbuds

Wood headphones are great because nothing beats the deep bass, rich range of sound and low resonance they produce. These stylish natural wood earphones bring out a dense, polished listening experience and the 24k gold connections offer maximum signal transfer. These are nose-isolation wooden earbuds that are available at a very low price.

LSTN Wood Earbuds Review: LSTN Headphones LST7 Bowery Earbuds, Beech Wood

These are a work of art both physically and sonically. Each pair of LSTN headphones are indivdually hand crafted, making no two the exact same. These are very stylish, built with real wood, and come in a woven drawstring bag. With the noise isolation , precision to detail, durable nylon-wrapped cable, and in-line microphone, and amazing sound quality at a great price.


Symphonized Wood Earbuds Review: Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones with Mic

The Symphonized Premium Genuine wood earbuds are perfect for iphones, ipads, androids and mos other devices. There soft silicone noise reducing earphones provide a super comfortable fit and the natural wood housing allows for better bass response time and acoustic performance. These are priced relatively low for their quality and the functionality they provide for the lowest price we could find you.

iHip Wood Earbuds Review: iHip Wood Earphones & Microphone + Carrying Case

The Ihip wood earbuds are very clear sounding and the bass is really good as well. No muffle or distortion at all. I would say as good if not better then beats. Mic works great and the wood they used looks really nice. They also come with 4 different sizes of buds and are very light probably due to the wood casing. The bass is very deep which is a huge plus and the carrying case is a very nice leather bag and comes with a bunch of ear sizing pieces. Don’t miss the great lowest found price.

FSL Wood Earbuds Review: FSL Xylem Wood Earbuds with Microphone and Remote 

These Eco-friendly earbuds with natural wood housing for a better bass response and unparalleled audio fidelity comes with assorted sized soft silicone tips that provide an uber comfortable, noise isolating fit. Integrated microphone and one button remote easily control your music and calls from the earphones. Compatible with pretty much all smartphones, mp3 players, laptops and other audio devices. Includes lifetime customer service and unparalleled 3 year warranty. Dedicated FutureSoundLab website for warranty and support. Such high quality and this being the cheapest wooden earbuds at a major steal.

JLab Wood Earbuds Review: JLab J.Fi.M Wood and Metal Fusion

The JLab wooden earbuds are a revolutionary fusion of all-natural ebony wood and pure aluminum enclosure for unparalleled audio fidelity with 7 mm full range titanium micro drivers specially tuned for wood resonance. Comes with a smooth, ergonomic profile with 7 sizes of silicone cushion tips for a perfect, custom fit, kevlar reinforced cable with 24 karat gold plated jack and inline microphone and track control.These are produced by a well trusted brand and for the price i wouldn’t choose any other pair.


One user was asked, why wood earphones? he said:

“I love wood earbuds because of the dynamic quantum structure of the natural cellulitic planck strings, which results in a multi-dimensional auditory aura (adora) that greatly enhances the vibrational wave harmonics as it relates to the inner cilliatic transmitters producing holograhically calibrated packets that collapse uniformly.”

We don’t know what that means, per say, but it sounds good.