Wooden Pipes

Are you a classy gentlemen looking for a classy Wooden Pipe to smoke your tobacco out of, something wooden, authentic and made to last through the years, then you absolutely need to get yourself a wooden piece from our collection. We have smoked, tried, and tested a lot of wood pipes and when i say a lot- i mean, just take a look at our collection. It took us a great deal of time to air the smoke out of our shop which means we had also experienced how pleasurable it is to smoke and puff out of the pipes that have made our Top Rated Wooden Pipe Collection of 2015.

Whether your looking for a Gandalf Wooden Pipe with a long stem or anything else wooden and pipe related, you can rest assured we have the best wood pipes all here on one page. We must say though that our favorite wooden smoking pipes are the long stem wooden pipes, with deep bowls; those definitely make you feel like a boss. Our smaller wooden pipes are great for getting in a quick hit, here and there, and everywhere, which is what makes them awesome as well.

Wooden pipes allow for you to naturally smoke your tobacco or dry herbs and they have the ability to hold heat longer, allowing whatever you are smoking to smolder at a constant low temperature. For this reason they’re better than most other pipes, such as glass pipes. Wooden pipes are also very durable, so you can rest assured they will last for a very long time – Who Wooden? who wouldn’t!

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