Wood Charging Stations

Charge your iphone with a touch of elegance using a Wood Iphone Dock – we carry many different models of wood docking station, and we’re pretty sure we’ll have a few that you’re going to like!

A wood charging station valet will add a touch of class to whatever room you put it in – the bedroom, the kitchen, or even the bathroom (we won’t judge you, and that’s a promise)! But seriously, due to humidity it might not be a great idea to put this in the bathroom if you intend to shower regularly. And if you don’t intend to, you might want to consider it… The answer to the age-old question is that yes – those people can in fact smell you.

Well we got a little off topic there, but the important thing is that you want a wood iphone charging station, and we have a great selection! As with all of our products, we have taken diligent caution to only offer high quality products at very competitive prices. Who Wooden? Who wouldn’t!

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